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Creating bespoke pathways to success

I firmly believe that a love of learning is one of the most valuable life-skills a child can take into adulthood.  Indeed, life-long learning is a necessity in most careers, so it follows that enjoyment of it is a necessity for job satisfaction.  The focus of my career has always been to pass on my love of learning to future generations, equipping them with the skills they need to achieve their personal potential and to contribute positively to society as a whole.

“I couldn’t have gone to a better place to gain my confidence in maths which I had struggled with for many years! Tamsin was so supportive, understanding and just generally an amazing woman! I couldn’t put into words how much I would recommend this place!”

Shannon, young adult resitting GCSE Maths to gain a place to study Childcare

My skills and expertise divide broadly into two categories: teaching and tutoring of English, Maths and Science across the full age range, with a specialism in secondary Maths, Chemistry and Physics; and educational consultation and guidance for parents and students who have encountered obstacles or challenges, particularly gifted and talented students, special needs students, home educated students, and families who are new to the UK.

I have been running a successful private tuition centre business since 2004, and from the very beginning educational consultations have been an integral part of the service I offer to our clients. I am now expanding the consultation aspect of my business and am offering my services to families across the UK and abroad.

My Background

I was educated at Grammar School in the UK and then transferred to High School in Calgary, Alberta. At age 14 I volunteered as a Peer Tutor, helping my classmates to improve their grades in Maths and Physics. In this way I discovered a talent for identifying obstacles to others’ learning, and I first experienced the rewards of helping another to gain confidence and achieve their goals.

In 1995 I graduated from High School at the top of my class, and I won a series of prestigious awards and scholarships to study Engineering Chemistry at Queen’s University in Ontario. I graduated from University in 1999 with the highest marks in my year and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree and the Queen’s University Gold Medal in Engineering Chemistry.

After a few years working as an Analytical Chemist and Environmental Engineer in Sweden and Canada I moved back to England where I took up a teaching position at Kent College, Canterbury and obtained my qualification in Secondary Education and Teaching through the Graduate Teaching Programme in 2002.

Since 2004 I have been teaching privately and running my own very successful tuition centres in Devon and East Sussex. I offer private, focussed and effective tuition to a limited number of students from my Exeter location or online, specialising in Maths, Chemistry and Physics, and I consult with parents and students of all ages to help them to identify and overcome their individual barriers to learning or career success.

To find out more about how I can help you reach your goals please call me on 01392 432323 or book a free initial consultation.

“You’ve been brilliant. You’ve opened their eyes to the importance of education, not just in school, but in the wider sense. That’s what I’ve really liked.”


Landline: 01392 432323
Mobile: 07447 662348
Email: hello@tamsin.eu
Address: 13 Queen’s Terrace, Exeter, EX4 4HR

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