Our lambs have grown up. Last night we separated George from his girls so we (hopefully!) won’t have lambs too early next year. Being novice sheep owners we weren’t sure whether we’d spot the changes in George’s behaviour in time, but I’m optimistic. His top lip started quivering yesterday afternoon and he was showing interest in the girls’ tail ends. Both pretty tell-tale signs! So we’re now making full use of Graham’s cleverly designed field shelter which is accessible from both paddocks. George can be close to Carmen and Dora and they can snuggle up against the hurdles for warmth, but nothing more until we decide the time is right! And I’ve already noticed this morning that having George away in a separate paddock is making the girls braver, so they’re coming up closer to me without spooking – and I’m happier as well, as I wasn’t too keen about being in with George’s horns!